Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)

In 2011, through funding and support from the Boston Alliance for Community Health, the coalition decided to begin a health planning process, which we refer to as MAPP.

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) is a community-driven strategic planning tool for improving community health. This tool helps communities apply strategic thinking to prioritize public health issues and identify resources to address them. MAPP is not an agency-focused assessment tool; rather, it is an interactive process that can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately the performance of local public health systems. The benefits of engaging in the MAPP process include:

Creating a healthy community and a better quality of life.

Increasing the visibility of public health within the community.

Anticipating and managing change.

Creating a stronger public health infrastructure.

Engaging the community and create community ownership for public health issues.

The tool features different phases all informed by four different assessments. To learn more about the MAPP framework, visit the National Association of County and City Health Officials website at

To learn how you can get involved with a community-driven strategic plan for South Boston, contact Michelle Lydenberg at or 617-269-5160.